Katie Goes Disney

This is a blog about my journey into the world of a Disney College Programer I'll be arriving May 19th and be in the most magical place on earth until January 3rd. I'll be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage! Can't wait to chill with everyone in Flordia!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things You Can do or Buy Now For Florida

So I'm aware that anyone doing Fall Advantage the earliest Arrival date is still 83 days, which is 12 weeks away! So here is things you can do each week to get ready!

Week 12: Go through your shoe collection! If you're like me you have a lot of shoes, but no NOT all can come to Florida! So I suggest going through your collection to see which ones are good/bad and if there's any you need to get. Remember some days it's going to rain so you'll prolly want more than one pair of sneakers…so you don't have to wear wet ones! Make sure you have casual dress shoes for the days you have to wear business casual Attire!

Week 11: Go to your local Christmas tree shop! They always have a lot of stuff there that you could potentially use for your apartment such as: Dish Towels, Pot Holders, Storage Containers, and Spices…Besides Spices a lot of these won't matter if you have MORE than one in each apartment! Occasionally, they also have things like shower curtains, picture frames, and other stuff you may want or need for your apartment.

Week 10: Sunscreen. Go buy yourself one or two things of sunscreen…unless you're flying because it might not be allowed on the flight, if you are make sure you put it on the list of things to get when you arrive.

Week 9: Buy Socks, Dress Socks, and all those under clothes stuff! These you can easily but in the packages and keep to the side for when you go! If you have a k-mart buy you normally the first week of every month they have buy one get on half off on all this stuff! Lol.

Week 8: Clean any Sheets, blankets, towels that are coming to Florida but, you don't need around your house! I wrote this before but here's what I suggest get 1 Beach Towel, 2 Regular Towels, 1 hand towel and wash cloth, 2 sets of sheets, one Blanket and Comforter, potentially you might want a third cover just in case!

Week 7: Invest in your business Casual Wardrobe, If you don't have anything go and get it, if you have everything than your all set, But I also suggest packing it now, so one it's not forgotten and two it doesn't get ruined. To bring I suggest having 2-3 bottoms and 4-5 tops. You can interchange them and get about 15 different outfits out of them without repeating, if you're not taking classes 1-2 and 2-3 is what I suggest for the just in case factor.

Week 6: Accessories! Well if you don't bring any jewelry, watches, hats, scarves, etc. You will not have them. So I suggest looking through you stuff and see what your need or want. Make sure to check the Disney Look Guide and Your Role Rules to see what jewelry is aloud while working! I know as QSFB I'm pretty much only aloud earrings (I suggest just getting some cute studs cause it's the easiest to stay in the code!) There are exceptions to the rules such as medical ids (might have to be worn on your ankle) and commitment rings but make sure you check your own letters!

Week 5: Toiletries! If you're driving feel free to pick up shampoo, condition, hair spray, hair products, soap, or anything like that you need. You could wait to but this when you get down there but after a long day of moving in you might not want to go to the store but could use a hot shower!

Week 4: Start cleaning and packing clothes that you will be bringing to Florida but don't need for the next little bit! What you need and how much depends on your particular style I would suggest seeing what you wear in one week and then packing according to what you use.

Week 3: Buy anything you thing you might need but don't already have! You're night going to be wanting to go out shopping when you're getting down to the last week or two so get it over with now.

Week 2: Finish PACKING. If you're done at the end of this week all you have to do is pack the car or load the car for the airport.

Week 1: Find any documents you need, print your on boarding documents, say good bye to family and friends potentially you could have a dinner (you might get some cool stuff to bring with you!) Make sure you have the address of family and friends to send post card, pictures, and birthday cards. Or to just call when you miss home or them! Buy Double AA batteries!

So that is what you should do or get over the next 12 weeks. You can slowly back your stuff or pack it as you buy it. These are just suggestions and make life easier if you don't wait to the last second!