Katie Goes Disney

This is a blog about my journey into the world of a Disney College Programer I'll be arriving May 19th and be in the most magical place on earth until January 3rd. I'll be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage! Can't wait to chill with everyone in Flordia!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Interview...

So just a few minutes ago I got of the phone with danielle my recruiter. She seemed very nice, I was really excited about the fact that I didn't have to answe the classic. Why do I want to work for disney? lol. But I totally made notes about why I wanted to work for disney.

So these are some of the questions I got asked. She also took the time to tell me that it normal to hear silence or typing in the background which I didn't know last time so it made me so much more relaxed and by the end it made me feel like I was having a conversation and not an interview.

-What my choice roles were.
-what was my favorite role.
-If I minded working outside,
-Why did a want to do the C.P.
-What I thought the role of a concierage was. (And I was honest and I really didn't know)
-Why I was intrested in Vacation planner.
-If i had experience with computers and cash handling.
-My past job good and bad things.
-If I've ever had a roommate how'd i handle it.
-disney look

And, just for the record the question I decided to ask was what are the possibilties of extending and she told be about possibly become full time, or part time, seasonl, and that there are interships available. In the past I've heard you can stay on a CP up to one year. But, she seemed to think that wasn't true unless you weren't advantage, Also said there's the option of summer alumni and stuff. And, everything depends on recruiting at the time. She also was like you never know maybe youll end up transfer schools down here. lol. Cause I was saying about how I had or or two semester left depend on how I did my class schedule like after this semester.

So anyways she said I'd be hearing back from us real soon after I asked the question but before that she said 4-6 weeks. And now the waiting begins. Oh and she had to confirm my email like 10 times. lol.