Katie Goes Disney

This is a blog about my journey into the world of a Disney College Programer I'll be arriving May 19th and be in the most magical place on earth until January 3rd. I'll be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage! Can't wait to chill with everyone in Flordia!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So...I stole this from someone who stole it so that makes it alright.

Which movie is your favorite? The Little Mermaid and Cinderlla
Which movie has the best story? Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Which movie did you laugh the most at? Beauty and the Beast
Which movie made you cry? Lion King
What is your favorite song from the movies? "A Whole New World"-Aladin
Which Disney movie probably shouldn’t have been made? Sleeping Beauty...I just don't get it.
Are you sick of the sequels? Umm...I like some of the sequals some not so much.
The Park
Have you ever been to Disneyland? No. :(
Have you ever been to Disney World? Yes 25 times and counting.
Have you been to any of the other Disney Parks around the world? Not yet.
Which park is the best? I hav this weird liking of Animal Kingdom. I just think it's an amazing place.
What’s your favorite ride? Splash Mountain All the Way
What’s your least favorite ride? The timekeeper
Who have you been to Disney with? My parents, brother, and grand father.
Would you go back? of course.
Did you get autographs and/or pictures with your favorite characters? yes
Which character is your favorite picture with? Tigger and Stitch
Would you ever work for Disney? Yes
Which is the best show at Disney? I don't have a favorite.
Which is the best restaurant? Tony's and Peco Bill
Which is the best hotel on Disney property? Contempary.