Katie Goes Disney

This is a blog about my journey into the world of a Disney College Programer I'll be arriving May 19th and be in the most magical place on earth until January 3rd. I'll be doing Quick Service Food and Beverage! Can't wait to chill with everyone in Flordia!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm not in Orlando.

So I got to Orlando around dinner time today. We went to 1900 Park Fare @ the Grand Floridian. It was amazing and was really the first time I had ever been inside it and outside. The down side to me is that the pools weren't anything to special. But, the inside of course was gorgeous. Anyways we got back and went swimming at our hotel, we're staying at the Holiday Inn and Sunspree we also found Vista Way by mistake, but at least we know where were going Wednesday. Tomorrow. I think we're going to go hang out in EPCOT and go to dinner in Germany. Well, anyone checking in on the 19th see you at check in, everyone else see you when you get here.

P.S. Check out my facebook for photos of my trip.